The Pros and the Cons of the Outsourcing

The outsourcing has become very popular during the last 10 years. Still, its popularity continues to increase. This term refers to the process, when a company employs the outside workers in order to make some savings and gain some extra profits. The outsourcing has become especially popular in the U.S. It has happened, because many companies and firms used to enlist the workers from India or China, where the month’s salary is much cheaper. It helps the companies to save some money and make the work less expensive itself. The most popular tasks, which are outsourced, are computer support and customer service.

The outsourcing brings some advantages to the work process. It gives a great opportunity to the companies to focus mainly on their main tasks. For example, there is a company, providing computer technologies. Their main duty is to create the new technologies, improve their quality and characteristics. There are less important tasks, as well. For example, it can be forming the customer’s support system, answering to the questions of clients and delegating with the other companies. The outsourced workers help to do all the subsidiary work and leave a lot of time for a company to deal with the main problems. As the workers demand a lower salary, a company has an opportunity to make the production less expensive for the customers. It’s profitable enough.

Second, the outsourced workers do not require an additional payment for health care and rest. This is the other source of savings for the companies. Moreover, these companies usually don’t have to deal with their employees, and all they have to do is report about their obligations and tasks for the next time. However, it doesn’t mean that the outsourced workers lose a lot. Theirs salary is quite small, according to the American one. But, nevertheless, it is high enough for their country. So, it means that their work is profitable not only for the employers, but also for their country’s economy.

But the outsourcing has its disadvantages too. Firstly, every task, given to the overseas worker, means a loss of a job for the American worker. Second, the outsourced workers’ salary is quite unfair, comparing with the payment of the Americans. Third, using of the outsourcing may badly influence the image of the company. Many customers believe this feature doesn’t make honor for the companies. It may lead to the reduction of the public’s demand.

After considering the positive and the negative aspects of the outsourcing, the companies have to think it over. What’s better: to employ the entire staff or to save on labor in order to make the production more available for the public? It’s up to everyone to decide.

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